Learning JavaScript

You really don’t have to check where JavaScript stands in the TIOBE index, it is undoubtedly the most popular programming language in today’s world. JavaScript started big in the browser land but with the inception and rise of NodeJS, it has come out of it’s browser context and now being used in all sorts of

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Golang: Working with JSON

We previously wrote an introductory blog post on Golang describing why and how the language is gaining traction quickly. Go aka Golang is being used by many large scale systems for various purposes. One thing common in most complex systems is that we have to communicate with other systems / services. JSON is a very popular

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Python: Iterators

If you have written some Python code and used the for loop, you have already used iterators behind the scene but you probably didn’t know about it. Iterators are objects that we can iterate over one by one. They are practically everywhere in a Python codebase. Understanding the concepts of iterators and how they work can

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