Golang: Interface

In Go or Golang, declaring an interface is pretty simple and easy. type Printer interface { Print(string) } We just defined an interface named Printer that required an implementer to have a method named Print which takes a string parameter and returns nothing. Interfaces are implemented implicitly in Go. Any type that has the Print(string) method implements the interface.

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Golang: Working with JSON

We previously wrote an introductory blog post on Golang describing why and how the language is gaining traction quickly. Go aka Golang is being used by many large scale systems for various purposes. One thing common in most complex systems is that we have to communicate with other systems / services. JSON is a very popular

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Golang / The Go Programming Language

The Go Programming language (often written as golang) has become quite popular recently. Google is actively backing the project  but Golang has seen usage, contribution and success stories from many other popular brands and enterprises across the internet. Go promises a very simple, easy to learn syntax that allows us to build robust, reliable, efficient software. Once

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