Deploying A Flask based REST API to AWS Lambda (Serverless) using Zappa

I have heard about AWS Lambda and all the cool things happening in the serverless world. I have also deployed Go functions using the Apex framework for serverless deployment. But recently I have started working on some Python projects again and decided to see how well the Python community is adapting to the serverless era.

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Golang: Interface

In Go or Golang, declaring an interface is pretty simple and easy. type Printer interface { Print(string) } We just defined an interface named Printer that required an implementer to have a method named Print which takes a string parameter and returns nothing. Interfaces are implemented implicitly in Go. Any type that has the Print(string) method implements the interface.

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Proxy in JavaScript

As we can already guess from the name, a Proxy object works as a “proxy” to another object and allows us to customize the behavior of the said object in certain ways. Let’s say you have an obj named awesomeAPI which has some properties and methods. You want to “trap” any calls to the object. May

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Promises in JavaScript

We encounter promises in real life every now and then. You have promised to deliver that project within the next week. Your friend has promised to play Overwatch with you tonight. If you think about it, promises are everywhere around us. Promises in JavaScript also play similar roles. A Promise object in JS is an

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